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I grew up in Wisconsin, the offspring of highly caffeinated immigrants who encouraged me to pursue a career in nursing. Knowing that my preference to be a comedic actress would never fly (to my Balkan grandmother, “actress” was synonymous with prostitutka) I chose advertising copywriting. Eventually, via voiceover and standup, I worked my way over to film. I've run from cyborgs, raided corporate files in an Eva Gabor wig, drowned in the ocean, and wept in my tea, all for the love of film. And acting. And fun. There’s nothing else. 

2020 Demo Reel

Christian Crafternoon | Web Series

Dubious crafters. Clueless Christians. That doesn't stop Bev and Steve. Behold them on YouTube or  www.christiancrafternoon.com

Episode 51: How to Make a Necklace from the Holy Shrapnel You Find in Your Breast 

When a mammogram reveals a 3.5-inch nail in Bev's left breast, she believes it's holy shrapnel – like thorns from Christ's crown found in the hearts of dead saints – and sends her application for beatification to The Vatican. 

The Greatest American Race | Web Series

With few discernible skills and zero self-awareness, Mayor Maggie embarks on her campaign for the presidency.  

2012 INDIE FEST Award of Excellence

Ludmila Love Downtown Abbey | Web Series

Fervent fan Ludmila Shashava recaps episodes of Downton Abbey.

Season 3, Episode 4: Lady Edith's letter appears in the newspaper, Bates and Anna each receive their backlog of prison mail, Branson runs from Ireland to England in the rain, new footman Jimmy Kent is hired, and Matthew discovers that Lord Grantham is massively mismanaging the Abbey.

Bonus Round

Onion Labs parody video promoting the new fall series on USA Network, The Purge.


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